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To really feed the skin, we really must only ever use the purest most potent ingredients, all the time. Think of it as an extension of your digestive system. What goes on, should be good for going in.

Ask yourself the following -

Would you eat lead? Do you think it is a good idea to drink oil? Would you prefer to eat food that tastes delicious and is incredibly nutritious?

I’m pretty sure given the choice, we’d all say, “no” to the things that we know are toxic to us and, “yes” to the things that taste great and do us good.

That’s how you need to think of your skin that is receiving the ingredients you are placing on it, digesting them, assimilating them, and releasing them for transport throughout the entire body.

Now you’ve got the picture of what the skin does, maybe your, “yes” to eating delicious, nutritious food, is more like, “YES!” towards natural, good for you skin care products too because that’s why we only ever use, the purist, most potent, all natural ingredients, that are independently recognized for their medicinal qualities, primarily specific for skin health with secondary benefits to your overall health too.

Last to mention, but not least, the ingredients in our skin care range have been researched and sourced to help in the repair and healing of the gut. It makes sense. As we've already discovered, we absorb through the largest organ of the body, the skin, so why not deliberately treat the other organs in the process of taking care of it? It's a win-win and only makes sense to do just that.


We could sell or do any number of things to make a living, but, because of what I know, and I want, namely, youthful skin and hair as well as good health, we approach all of this through the bounty of botanical's.

The skin is the largest organ of the body that renews itself on a regular basis. With this said, because it is an organ, it can receive as much as excrete and so should renew, but, we all know that this does not always happen and when our health is less than normal, our skin, hair and nails suffer, after all, if our hair falls out, we won't die, and we can use the condition of our skin, hair and nails to determine where we're at in our health, and, take the pressure from the other organs that are doing their job at keeping us alive, by, “feeding” the skin.

This is not rocket science, but a simple, logical approach.

December 14 at 5:05 PM ·

Many of you know the struggle my daughter had with eczema covering up to 100% of her body for more than a year. We tried allergists, dermatologists both local and out of town. All of their treatments were steroid related and resulted in a cycle of dependency on the steroids. After much research she found support groups all over the world with people experiencing the same thing (topical steroid withdrawal). This journey led her to a courageous decision to stop all prescribed steroid products and allow her body to heal itself. We knew from other's experiences that this was going to be a long journey but I had no idea what we were in for. Shear misery. She was unable to work and many days unable to get out of bed. She lost a significant amount of her hair and became quite isolated. We tried anything we could to give her some comfort...baking soda, apple cider vinegar, bleach baths, olive oil, coconut oil, clean eating, specialized diet, supplements and intravenous vitamins to name just a few. She did begin to experience some moments of relief and her really bad times weren't lasting as long. At this point she wasn't getting out much but agreed to come to the farmer's market with me. That is where we found this amazing line of products! Results came quickly for her using the body serum and after just a few weeks her healing was significant. Since we saw such results with the body serum we decided to give the hair and nail serum a try. Same amazing results! Most of her bald spots are completely gone with just one large spot that is still filling in. I'm thankful every single day for Julie and Gary and their passion in helping people to heal that led us to them.

Alisa Milano


J. Grinnell


ZiNO BOTANICAL'S During 2012 my health declined rapidly. There didn't seem to be a particular reason, but when I almost fell asleep while standing in the kitchen one day early fall, we knew we had to take what was happening to me seriously. It took a while to truly pinpoint the cause, but once we did, my recovery was slow but sure. One of the first things we changed was skin and hair care lines.

One of the issues I had was that I wasn't getting the results I needed and expected from various skin care ranges, so I set out to revisit studies in alternative medicine and developed ZiNO.


As I got stronger, so I was able to do more and in a short space of time I was able to work full-time again. I soon began to develop other businesses, White Wolf Clothing is a particular favorite of mine because I love good quality clothing.


I've always loved reading and with my body healed so too was my mind and I was able to think again which meant I just had to start writing  again too. 

From children's books to quarterly magazines, self help literature and supernatural psychological thrillers, I think you'll find something for you


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